Video Transcript

[MUSIC PLAYING] VICTORIA P: The intern class has been carefully selected. I got so well along with the other interns. We’re all really smart, really passionate about what we’re doing. Everybody has these high goals and aspirations.

PRAKHYA M: My favorite part has definitely been getting to know the different types of people and networking with so many different types of people at Vanguard because people are pretty friendly. So it’s really easy to reach out to people on different teams and ask them what they’re doing and get to learn more about their jobs, as well as talk to the other interns. It’s a very social experience that you can learn a lot from.

PRAVADH S: I’d say the thing that surprised me the most about my time here is that they’re extremely intelligent people here, but they’re also willing to sit down and talk to you. And that’s not something I really thought about as much, that Vanguard would give me the opportunity to do.

For example, I’m working at Vanguard’s Quantitative Equity Group. And the group is full with a lot of really famous PhDs and senior economists, people you read about in the Journal of Portfolio Management or finance papers. And when you come to the group and you see them, they’re all extremely humble and down to earth. But when you come to Vanguard, senior leaders are willing to actually invest time into you.