Video Transcript

[MUSIC PLAYING] MOLLY S: So majoring in finance in college, I knew I was interested in the subject. But what that actually translated to in the real world, the opportunity to rotate, figure out where my interests really aligned, was a phenomenal opportunity.

SEAN K: It offers you opportunities to develop skill sets that are quite advanced and allows you to do that early on in your career and connects you with the right people to have a successful career as a financial professional.

MASSY W: I went into the program because I was looking for ways to develop myself and really making sure that I develop my leadership skills through the process. I had all that and more.

MOLLY S: The program really prepared me for a career in finance, both on the technical side and more of the softer skills– so building relationships with people. It’s way more important than the finance world than I think I was taught in college.

KEVIN M: So within the program, I’ve had the opportunity to present multiple times to senior leaders, sit down and have one-on-one conversations, and it’s really helped me grow and develop my perspective and figure out what path I want to take at Vanguard.

SHANTAE L: Just the level of interaction that we have with our senior leaders definitely exceeds my expectations. I would never have thought we would have that exposure.

JOSH B: For me, the most fulfilling thing about my job here at Vanguard is the ability to serve our clients. Whether it’s through projects or day-to-day responsibilities, I know at the end of the day, I’ve worked my hardest to make sure that our clients are in good hands.