Video Transcript

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANTHONY A: So the MBA Development Program is incredibly flexible. It’s a combination of three five-month rotations. And you have the opportunity to see different components of the company and flex different muscles, pick up different skill sets, and meet many different groups.

ADRIENNE M: A lot of leaders that have come out of this program or who have worked at Vanguard for a long time say that in a lot of ways, a career at Vanguard is like a spiral staircase. You’re going to rise, and you’re going to do a range of different things. It’ll be in directions you don’t always anticipate. I think the program is a great microcosm of that.

SARAH H: The goal of the program is that you get familiar with a lot of different areas. And so you’re a better leader for whatever opportunity comes right after the program, a few years after that, a few years after that, and for the long term.

KIZ S: For someone considering the program, I would definitely highlight Vanguard’s focus on leadership development and personal growth. Additionally, the firm places an emphasis on having a successful and sustainable long-term career. And it recognizes that when you focus on your personal development and on your quality of life, then you can bring your best self to work and produce at a high level.

MARK S: I think the traits that would make a candidate for the MBA rotational program successful would be alignment with the mission, strong alignment with the mission. I think it would be someone who values ethical behavior and enacts that and espouses those ethical values and somebody who’s intellectually curious, who wants to learn and work hard but, at the same time, wants to be in a place where work-life balance is a value.

SARAH H: Cultural fit was really important to Vanguard. When they were interviewing me, they’re looking for people who will be good leaders for Vanguard in the long term. And that was really important to me, because I wanted to enjoy where I worked.

MARK S: If you’re looking for a place that you can channel your passion for the industry and funnel that behind a really strong mission and a really supportive culture, then you’ve probably found the right place.