Vanguard Crew Share Memories of Founder, Jack Bogle

If you have ever wandered the halls of Vanguard, it is likely you have a Jack Bogle story. Vanguard crew members have proudly shared personal experiences involving the company Founder, celebrating the remarkable man who helped shape the investment landscape that exists today. Through their reflections, it is evident that Vanguard crew will continue to honor his legacy for years to come.

“Jack Bogle was the kindest, most thoughtful person I ever met. As a veteran, I recall days back in the 90’s, Jack would show up unannounced in our area and just give a speech. You could be having the worse day ever and after hearing Jack speak, you felt like you could conquer the world. Mr. Bogle’s empathy and true positive spirit, along with his wit, made crew feel like they were a part of his own family. RIP Mr. Bogle and thank you for all that you did for me and the crew.”

– Carol S.

“I’m lucky to have had a few great memories with Mr. Bogle, especially in the last few years in my role on the Retail social media team. He was always so humble and open when we worked with him. Reading through social media posts this week from fans around the world has been so heartwarming. I’m torn between my top two memories: discussing a musical in the Morgan Galley while waiting for a sandwich, or asking him to pose with this sign while discussing hashtags and how much people love him on the Internet.”

– Tamara S.

“After I’d been here a few years, I decided I wanted to meet Mr. Bogle, so I e-mailed him directly to ask. He e-mailed me back pretty quickly and said, “Sure, let’s do it.” He met with me one-on-one for about a half an hour, and then he and a couple of my fellow crew members all went to lunch together in the Galley. He was a rock star in the financial world with a rock star schedule, but still made himself accessible to anyone who asked. Godspeed, good sir. You changed my life, and the world.”

– Chuck R.

“Jack Bogle was a true inspiration to all in the investing world, but especially to those that knew him and worked for this company.  I will fondly remember seeing him in the galley, receiving his books, and having him sign each and every one.  I’ll cherish a photo I was able to take of the two of us in his office for a book signing a few years ago. RIP Mr. Bogle. May the legacy you leave behind continue to make you proud.”

– Lari H.

“I met Mr. Bogle in my first few months at Vanguard. Like many others, it was a quick conversation in the Galley back in 1998. I would have been thrilled with a quick nod, but he took the time to speak with me, asked what I did, and he shared a quick story about his Princeton thesis and the importance of what we do. I left with the feeling that I had the most important job in the world and it helped cement early on that Vanguard was the place for me. I had a number of other interactions with him over the years and while I expected him to slow down, he would constantly surprise me with his energetic voice, sharp mind and engaging stories. But it was his idealism that had the most impact on me. A man that could have lived in an exclusive social strata and with significant wealth was very comfortable engaging with anyone and focused his professional life on making financial security attainable for the masses. Even one person can make a difference – Very inspirational! Thank you for so many life lessons and rest easy, sir – we’ll take it from here.”

– Michael G.

Thank you, Mr. Bogle.

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