Five back to school best practices

Are you a college student ready to explore what the corporate world has to offer? Will you be attending a career fair this year and are unsure of what to expect? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, Vanguard’s University Recruiters have five tips to consider before leaving your dorm room and heading to the big event.

    1. Be your whole, unique self when speaking with recruiters. It’s undoubtedly scary visiting multiple booths and interacting with a number of individuals who could be influential in the decision-making process when it comes to your career. Remain true to yourself and you’ll end up exactly where you are meant to be. – Shea H.
    2. Before approaching a career fair booth, make sure you’ve completed research on that company. Incorporating this knowledge into your elevator pitch can go along way and help you stand out as a candidate. – Lucy W.
    3. When speaking with recruiters at career fairs, avoid jumping right into your elevator pitch. First pause and take a moment to ask them one or more of the following questions: “How are you today?” How are you enjoying our campus?” “Is this your first time visiting us?” This is a natural way to build rapport. As they then ask you questions about you and your interest in their company, provide your story. Stories connect people. For example, “Well, I originally hail from Massachusetts but I’ve been enjoying studying here in Philadelphia. I’ve always had a passion for math and money.  It all started when I was in junior high helping my parents with organizing their bills; now I’m the President of the Financial Planning Club on campus.  I am really interested in learning more about your College to Corporate Internship program.  From your website, I understand that it would position participants for success in this field.” – Ayana P.
    4. Don’t just look at the job you want, but look at a company’s culture to find the right fit for you. This could ultimately make or break your first full-time working experience. – Joe J.
    5. Body language speaks volumes, so make sure yours conveys your interest when speaking with a recruiter at a job fair. Use a firm handshake when introducing yourself and again when ending a conversation. Additionally, maintain eye contact and smile. These simple acts will exude confidence and leave a positive impression with everyone you meet with. – Erika F.

Interested in learning more about opportunities at Vanguard? Please visit our Events page to see if we will be at your campus career fair. Our recruiters look forward to meeting you!

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